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iPhone 3G with iOS4, jailbreak & unlock

June 30th, 2010 No comments

Right after iOS4 (formerly known as iPhone OS 4) was released I found out from the Dev-Team that it was already possible to jailbreak and unlock it.  The whole process is very easy so how could I resist?  Of course, there are a few different ways but here are the basic steps I followed:

  1. Update iPhone to standard iOS4 via iTunes.
  2. Run redsn0w (found HERE) and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Using Cydia, install ultrasn0w for carrier unlock.

The first thing I noticed was that my iPhone was now very slooow.  I guess iOS4 isn’t really meant for the iPhone 3G.  At least I haven’t heard of many 3Gs users complaining about the performance.  It’s kind of a trade-off though.  Apps are now a lot slower to load and respond.  On the other hand, iOS4 allows for apps to remain in memory and remember their state.  So switching between recently used apps is now much faster.

Another thing I noticed is the battery life.  It doesn’t last nearly as long anymore.  Personally, this isn’t really a problem for me because I will anyway charge almost everyday.  So as long as the battery lasts for a day (with iOS4, it probably lasts 2 days or so) then that’s enough for me.

As for the features, well, there are lots of reviews already out there.  All I want to say is that I like that I’m now able to organize my apps in folders.  It’s good to keep similar apps together and I can now make do with only 2 pages of apps.  I used to hate having to flip through several pages of apps to find the one I want to run.

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